Set up a basic store (starting at $500 USD)
Get your store ready for launch, including theme selection and setup, but no additional customization
Build or redesign store (starting at $1,500 USD)

Get your store up-and-running, with options ranging from basic theme setup to completely custom solutions Migrate store from another platform (starting at $1,200 USD)
Move your existing store to Shopify
Make store tweaks (starting at $50 USD)

Make small adjustments to your store’s look-and-feel
Professional photo editing (starting at $50 USD)

Resize, add text, or effects to your images

Set up and install Facebook pixel (starting at $50 USD)
Measure Facebook ad results, track conversion, and remarket your website visitors using Facebook pixel
Set up Google analytics (starting at $30 USD)
Track your customer behavior and conversions by connecting Google analytics to your store
Set up custom domain (starting at $20 USD)
Replace your myshopify domain with a custom domain (URL)
Add products to your store (starting at $30 USD)
Add products to Shopify, including product descriptions, images, and meta tags
Get expert guidance (starting at $50 USD)
Consult with a Shopify Expert for technical, design, or marketing guidance for your store

Basic theme customization (starting at $60 USD)
Modify your online store theme, for example, to add a slideshow, create new pages, or change your navigation
Add quick-checkout to your online store (starting at $40 USD)
Reduce cart abandonment by sending visitors directly to checkout using a quick checkout button on product pages
Add a size chart (starting at $50 USD)
Provide customers with a size chart so they can select the right size before they buy
Hide sold out products (starting at $50 USD)
Hide or disable products that are no longer available to buy
Allow customers to personalize products (starting at $50 USD)
Allow customers to personalize products by entering text or images, for example, for product engraving or printing
Add a currency switcher (starting at $50 USD)
Allow customers to view your prices in different currencies
Show recommended products (starting at $50 USD)
Increase order size by adding product recommendations to your product or cart pages
Add hover effect to product images (starting at $50 USD)
Add a hover effect so that when a customer moves the cursor over a product image, the image will change to show either an alternate product image, custom text, or a combination of the two
Make store tweaks (starting at $50 USD)
Make minor adjustments, additions, fixes, theme tweaks, or install an existing app
Improve technical performance (starting at $150 USD)
Adjust your website to boost operational efficiency
Get expert guidance (starting at $50 USD)
Consult with a Shopify Expert for technical, design, or marketing guidance for your store

Marketing and sales guidance (starting at $50 USD)
Consult with a Shopify Expert and get strategies for attracting customers and increasing sales
Social media marketing (starting at $150 USD)
Promote your products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating shareable content and running ad campaigns
Search engine optimization (SEO) (starting at $50 USD)
Optimize your store to boost its visibility and ranking on search engines with SEO strategies like page optimization, keyword research, and link-building strategies
Search engine advertising (starting at $250 USD)
Promote your products with paid ads that appear on search engine results pages like Google and Bing
Sales channel setup and optimization (starting at $35 USD)
Give your products more exposure and increase sales by selling through places like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and by using the Shopify Buy Button
Email marketing (starting at $150 USD)
Convert potential leads and recapture missed sales opportunities using targetted email messages
Content marketing (starting at $250 USD)
Build interest in your brand and products by creating and sharing compelling videos, blogs, and social media posts
Marketing analytics and tracking (starting at $100 USD)
Get insight into where your customers are coming from and where they spend time on your site
Conversion rate optimization (starting at $100 USD)
Turn visitors into sales by making it easier for customers to buy

On-demand content creation (starting at $150 USD)
Work directly with professional writers to create product, category, and brand descriptions, as well as other website content
Content consultation and site overview (starting at $75 USD)
Get targeted guidance on how to build or improve the written content on your site
Managed content consultation and creation (starting at $3,000 USD)
Develop product and category descriptions for a large catalog (600+ products), design metadata, or write blog posts and other website content

Build a custom app (starting at $500 USD)
Add non-standard features to your store through a custom-built app
Install an existing app (starting at $25 USD)
Add functionality by installing an existing Shopify app
Migrate existing app (starting at $100 USD)
Migrate your private apps to be compatible with multiple locations
Create 3D models of your products for augmented reality (starting at $100 USD)
Create immersive shopping experiences with realistic 3D versions of your products

Build brand strategy (starting at $1,000 USD)
Build a recognizable brand for your business by defining your brand personality and positioning
Design logo and visual branding (starting at $1,000 USD)
Create visual assets that speak to your brand identity and make your brand stand out
Professional photo editing (starting at $50 USD)
Resize, add text, or add visual effects to your images
Create visual content (starting at $75 USD)
Create custom graphics, banners, illustrations, or videos to use on your website, social media, and more