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Display a customized Instagram feed on your Shopify Store.

Does your company (or your customers) post Instagram images?

Most companies do these days but, surprisingly, only a handful of them are showing Instagram feeds on their websites. A lot of sweat goes into planning and creating stunning Instagram image feeds but it makes sense to capitalize on the potential of this content outside of Instagram, too.

Why would you display Instagram images on your website?.

We've listed five benefits of adding an Instagram feed to your website:

1. Higher reach for your Instagram content
2. Grow the number of Instagram followers
3. Gather data for targeted ads
4. Increase time spent on site
5. Drive sales with social proof

Maybe the most obvious but the overlooked benefit is that by displaying the company's Instagram feed on your website, the reach of your content will be higher. The more people that view your content, the more people will visit your Instagram profile and engage with your content too.

In addition to your existing followers, an inspirational Instagram feed on your website will get the attention of new customers too.