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Watermark – An image, a logo or a content which is inserted on a photo for a thought process to get it secure, upgrade marking, speak to trademark and additionally organization name behind it.

Firstly, it's a way of protecting your images against content theft. Once you place that watermark on your photos, basically you let every internet user know the photos belong to you and can't be used without your authorization. Those who will disregard this, steal your images and crop the watermark away can be held accountable.

In addition to protecting your work, a watermark can be a great tool to market it. For example, if you are a regular contributor to photo sharing sites likes Facebook or Flickr, you most surely want your images to be watermarked so that people know who took them and search for you and your website.

Watermarking can have an advantage in Google images. If you have lots of images your brand will show up often and people will get to know it, without ever having visited your site.

We are specialized watermarking product photos so the watermark won't affect your product image quality.