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Did you know you can offer digital products from your Shopify Store?

There are a variety of digital products available, including:

  • Online Courses: A popular new business model, especially if you have a specific skillset or expertise in a niche
  • Consumable Content: These include eBooks, podcasts, videos and content that can be consumed for entertainment or enrichment
  • Usable Content: These include content that can be re-used for business purposes including datasets, web elements and photography like stock images.
  • Apps and Software: These include mobile apps and full-fledged programs.
For each class or type of digital products, there are various marketplaces available including stock image exchanges and app listings. However, you can choose to bring it all in-house and set up a store on Shopify yourself.

By selling your digital products on your own Shopify store, you have greater control over the shopping experience and prices; and if you offer both physical and digital products, both can be sold within the same store.